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Li, Jianyong

Ph.D. – Human Geography – East China Normal University, China – 2006
LL.M – The University of British Columbia, Canada – 1996
M.A. – Sociology – East China Norman University, China – 1988
LL.B – Fudan University, China – 1983

Dr. Li is a Professor of Law, the Director of the Institute of Sociology of Law at the East China University of Political Science and Law, and currently a visiting senior research fellow at the East Asia Institute (EAR) of National University of Singapore (NUS). He is also a Researcher at the Institute of Sociology of law appointed by the China’s People’s University (2009). Professor Li has been a visiting scholar at Yale University Law School (1993-1995), Kyushu University in Japan (2002), the National University of Singapore (2003) and Marseille University in France (2004). He also served as a Research Associate at U.B.C., Canada (1997), and was invited to give a guest lecture at Oxford University (2006).

Dr. Li has recently published over 20 articles in the areas of sociology of law, social management, international labor standards and Chinese labor law system, Chinese constitutional law, human geography and regional economic development in China in journals and newspapers, and chief-edited the four books in Sociology of Law, Introduction to the Law Science, Sociology, and Introduction to the law in community work by Shanghai People’s Press and Fudan University Press. He has also conducted two research projects from National Social Science Foundation of China: Research on Social Stratification and Mobility in Urban China (finished); and research on relation between the unified national market and local monopoly by provinces (ongoing). He is a Standing committee member of both the China and Shanghai Sociology Associations (2007-). He is also concurrently Shanghai Municipal Labour Arbitrator and one of the main lecturers for The East Forum organised and sponsored by Propaganda of Shanghai Municipality

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