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China Links

The China Links- Professional Seminars at UBC (previously Summer Institute China Program) is offered by the Asia Pacific Dispute Resolution Project at UBC’s Institute of Asian Research. 

The Program has been in place since 2007. The Program is designed for business professionals, executives, lawyers, and government staff who are looking to strengthen their expertise in the China operating environment.  The Program is unique in Canada for its experiential approach in delivering in-depth instruction on problem solving in China.

China Links employs a series of role-playing simulations and small-group exercises based on scenarios commonly encountered when operating in China or engaging with Chinese counterparts. This pedagogical approach combines instruction by highly-experienced China experts with simulations where participants apply their knowledge and experience to work through various operational problems. 

The program has filled a fundamental need for research-based knowledge dissemination and training in the practical realities of engaging with China in the 21st century. We are in the process of expanding our knowledge base through APDR-related research, the development of new role-playing simulations, and the formulation of workshop targets across a range of different professional segments. We welcome you to click on the China Links website for more information

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