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2013 Conferences


5th World Forum on China Studies
The Institute of China Studies, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences
Shanghai, China
March 23-24, 2013

  • Sarah Biddulph – Recent developments in the rule of law in China

Public Health Law and Policy in Asia
Green College Lecture Series
Green College, The University of British Columbia
Vancouver, Canada
September 2012-April 2013

  • Arianto Patunru with Zakir Machmud – Poverty and Globalization in Indonesia – January 21, 2013
  • Ilan Vertinsky – Health and Intellectual Property Rights: the Dynamics of Coordinated Compliance in the Provision of Pharmaceuticals to the Chinese People – February 11, 2013
  • Wan Yanhai with Sophia Woodman – Challenges of Public Health Policy in China – March 18, 2013 –
  • Yoshitaka Wada – Work Environment of Physicians and Quality of Healthcare in Japan- April 15, 2013

Changes in Criminal Justice: Comparing the PRC, Taiwan and South Korea
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong, China
June 15-16, 2013

  • Sarah Biddulph – Layering and Segmentation of International Human Rights Norms (15 June)
  • Sarah Biddulph – Theories of change and their applicability to East-Asian legal systems (16 June)

Human Rights and Climate Change: The Role of Courts, Tribunals and Supervisory Mechanisms
Aix-Marseille University
AIX EN Provence, France
June 21- 22, 2013

  • He Weidong – The Role of Court in Domestic Carbon Emissions and Trade Dispute Resolution

13th Biennial Conference
China Studies Association of Australia
The University of Tasmania, Hobart
Tasmania, Australia
July 9-10, 2013

  • Sarah Biddulph – Rethinking procedural justice

2013 Melbourne – Renda International Conference – Social Transformation and Policy in 21st Century China
Asia Institute, Faculty of Arts, The University of Melbourne
Melbourne, Australia
August 12-13, 2013

  • Sarah Biddulph (Chair) – Social Conflicts and Mass Protests in China

Child Poverty and Social Protection Conference
Jakarta, Indonesia
September 10-11, 2013

  • Arianto Patunru – Inequality and Child Wellbeing: The Case of Indonesia

8th Annual Conference  – New Approaches and New Questions in Chinese Law
The European China Law Studies Association
Oxford, England
September 19-20, 2013

  • Sarah Biddulph – Rethinking Procedural Justice

Canada China Business Council 35th Annual General Meeting and Policy Conference
Beijing, China
October 16, 2013

  • Pitman Potter –Chair – Current Conditions in China

Socio-Legal and Theoretical Perspectives on International Economic Law symposium
University College London, Faculty of Law
London, UK
November 14-15, 2013

  • Ljiljana Biukovic – Where is the New Geography of International Trade Really Taking Place

Re-thinking Politics, Policy and Governance in Federal Systems: India and the World
International Political Science Association Conference:
Ramjas College, University of Delhi
Delhi, India
November 15, 2013

    • Lesley Jacobs & Lorne Foster – Workplace Practice and Diversity In Canada: Employment Policy in Global Modernity Place

Public Health Policy in Asia: Rights, Risks and Redistribution & Resilience
The Institute of Asian Research, The University of British Columbia
Vancouver, Canada
December 6-7, 2013

  • Wan Yanhai – HIV/AIDS-Related Human Rights Declaration for the People’s Republic of China
  • Ilan Vertinsky – Health and Property Rights in China: The Case of Pharmaceuticals
  • Yoshitaka Wada – Work Environment of Physicians and Quality of Healthcare in Japan
  • Nisha Malhotra – Cooking Practices and Mitigating the Detrimental Effects of Solid Cooking Fuel in Childhood Growth
  • Lesley Jacobs – Public Health, Public Security and Human Rights

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