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Julian Dierkes

Ph.D. – Sociology, Princeton University, US – 2003
M.A. – Sociology, Princeton University, US – 1996
B.A. – Sociology, University of California at Berkeley – 1992

 Dr. Julian Dierkes is an Associate Professor and the Keidanren Chair in Japanese Research at the Institute of Asian Research, University of British Columbia. He came to UBC as an Assistant Professor in 2002. Dr. Dierkes currently focuses his energy on two areas: supplementary education in Japan and resource policy in Mongolia. For an example of his work on supplementary education, see “Teaching in the Shadow – Operators of Small Shadow Education Institutions in Japan,” 2010, Asia Pacific Education Review, 10 (1): 25-35; on Mongolia, see “Expanding Canada-Mongolia Relations: Resource-Based Democracies in Collaboration,” Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada: Canada-Asia Agenda, Issue 7 (April 2010).

Dr. Dierkes has also conducted comparative research on the construction of national identity in post-war Japan and Germany (see Guilty Lessons? Postwar History Education in Japan and the Germanys, London: Routledge, 2010), and on changes in Japanese legal education (see “Integrating Alternative Dispute Resolution into Japanese Legal Education,” Journal of Japanese Law, Vol. 10, No. 20 (2005), 101-114 – with Mayumi Saegusa).

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