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Number 1: Labour and Human Rights in China and Canada

Guest Editors: Lorne Foster & Lesley A. Jacobs

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: Labour and Human Rights.

Lorne Foster & Lesley A. Jacobs

Sources of Dispute

  1. Analysis of the Chinese Work Stoppage Incidents 2004-2010 by Lilin Li, Miao Miao, Mengjie Hu, & Jingyun Wu.
  1. Migrant Workers in China by Bill Taylor

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  1. Chinese Experiences in Strike Resolution by Tongqing Feng.

Creating Policy Spaces for Improved Labour Relations

  1. Learning Networks as a Tool for Good Governance: The Case of the Canada-China Forum on Industrial Relations and Employment Standards by Lorne Foster.

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  1. The Adjustment of Labour Relations: from “Power Control” to “Game Behavior”? by Qi Li.

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  1. Collective Bargaining and Industrial Relations in Post Transition China by Chang Hee Lee.

Fairness in the Workplace

  1. Inclusive Workplace Practice in Canada: Competing Equalities in an Industrial-Mobile Society by Lorne Foster & Lesley A. Jacobs.

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  1. Labor Relations in Western Countries and China’s path to Harmonious Labor Relations by Jing Wang.
  1. Tackling Human Rights Discriminations in Employment – The Ontario Example by Shaheen Azmi.

Access to Justice

  1. Employment Standards and the Role of the Employer: The Canadian Experience by David J. Corry.
  1. The Problems and Reforms of Labor Relations since the Implementation of Labor Contract Law by Changcheng Wang.

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  1. The Labour Arbitration in Mainland China: Its Current Situation, Characteristics, and Tendencies by Jianyong Li.

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Dispute Mediation and Advocacy

  1. Immigrant, Migrant and Temporary Workers Seeking to Enforce Their Rights in Ontario: The Role of NGO’s by Avvy Go and Dora Nipp.
  1. Centralization and Decentralization of the Collective Bargaining Structure: Theory, Trends, and China’s Practice by Song Zhan.
  1. Mediation and Prevention Mechanisms in Solving Labor Conflicts in China by Feng Xiliang.


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