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During Phase II of the APDR Project, the Japan Research Team will develop and implement the Archival Records, Survey Interviews, and Case Study research for the Japanese economy, and examine the conditions for Japan’s compliance with international trade and human rights standards.

The Japan Research Team consists of researchers from both the University of British Columbia and Waseda University.  Chaired by Dr. Masao Nakamura, Professor at the University of British Columbia, UBC researchers of the Japan Research Team closely collaborate with the researchers of Waseda University headed by Professor Yoshitaka Wada of the Waseda Law School.

Currently the Japan Research Team is preparing case studies with a focus on dyadic or binary conflicts found in Japanese society, for example, between human rights and economic incentives. These case studies fall into three areas: medical services and international trade; gender issues in labour management and international transactions; and corporations, corporate social responsibility and civil society. The team is also in the process of designing and implementing surveys related to the above topics, with the aim of reporting the results in summer 2012.

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